♂ Dean Winchester | 26| Hunter | OPEN | faceclaim; Jensen Ackles

"Honestly, I think the world’s going to end bloody. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin’ " 


Dean Winchester is the eldest son to John and Mary Winchester from Lawrence, Kansas. When he was only four years old, his mother was killed in his brother Sam’s nursery. His father John rushed the boys out of the house, telling Dean to watch over his brother while he tried unsuccessfully to save his bother from the flames that consumed the family house. After that night, Dean felt like it was his job to watch over Sam and was always giving the responsibility to take care of him as they grew up, the term “Watch over Sammy,” becoming the norm for Dean. The Winchester boy’s childhood consisted of their father raising them to be hunters, switching from school to school and motel room to motel room when a new hunt came about. Dean was always the faithful soldier to his father doing everything he said without question, unlike his youngest and defiant brother Sam.

Sam and Dean drifted apart after Sam’s falling out with their father John. But little did the youngest Winchester know that Dean and his father still watched out for him, making frequent trips to his college campus to see how he was doing. That all changed when the brother’s father went missing, forcing Dean to call his brother back into the family business. The two hunted for a months, all the while still following clues to search for their father. The trail finally ended with John selling his soul to bring Dean back to life, his last words to Dean was that the demon Azazel intended to turn Sam evil and that if Dean could not save his brother, he would have to kill him.

Dean is unable to fulfill his father’s last wish when Sam is killed in a showdown of Psychic kids like his brother thanks to Azazel’s evil plan. The devastated and depressed Dean sells his soul to a crossroad demon to bring Sammy back, like his father had done before to save him. Sam is brought back, but when he learns of his brother’s deal, he is determined to stop at nothing to save Dean, despite his pleas. This leads to Sam trusting a demon named Ruby, who Dean does not trust and is waiting for the chance to kill at the moment it presence itself, despite that she has saved his own life countless times. He puts on the façade that he hates her, but if she truly can save him from his deal like she claims, the hunter will be more than grateful to the demon.


Dean jumped at the chance of a new hunt to take his brother Sam of the topic of saving him from his deal. When he read about the mysterious spike in animal attacks in a small town in Virginia called Mystic Falls he was packed and ready to go, despite his Sam’s protests. He figured it was a way to jump back on the saddle of hunting and distract them from their spiraling lives. Though the boys are in for a rude awakening when they realize what they are up against, a town full of supes and a war brewing between two of the most powerful in town. Dean quickly calls for back up, not expecting the younger versions of Bobby and Rufus that appear once they enter town. And with the help of their old pal Jo they begin planning their course of action. A wrench gets thrown into Dean’s plans when he finds out the demon Ruby is here as well and the longer they stay in town, the more Dean begins to realize they are in way over their heads. Will Dean choose a side or will he be left to his own devices at the hands of the supernatural war of Mystic Falls? 


{ + } Clever, Daring, Charming,

{ - } Cocky, Arrogant, Disobedient 


→ Sam Winchester- Sam is Dean’s youngest brother, and no matter how stubborn he is, Dean will always be there for him. He’s not exactly to happy with his brother choosing to trust a demon but he’d rather stay in Mystic to help his brother and put up with the blonde, then leave and have to live with himself if anything bad happened to Sammy.

→Bobby Singer- Bobby is the father figure that took John’s place after he died. He was the one that was there to play ball and comfort the boy when he needed it most. Now he is one of Dean’s closest allies, helping the boys in all their cases, including the one in Mystic. Dead is not sure how he feels about the new, younger Bobby, but so far he kind of likes it.

→ TBD by player